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144 halter bra




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Your Hot Kiss

A kiss on the lips.

A suggestive peck on the cheek.

A lip lock that sends your mind spiralling into eternity.

Painfully hot - each of these moments.

But isn’t what fuels them…

The tension leading up to it?

Your favourite daydream.

The person you fantasize about.

Over and over again.

You know that one will be sweetest.

The start of one epic story.

So for now, you just get ready.

Ready for that hot moment...

Wearing your Kiss Lingerie.


This Kiss Lingerie collection is made of a luxurious, soft, stretch lace with a flower pattern.
20.5% Elastane 3.9% Viscose 75.6% Nylon

Please refer to the garment label for specific instructions on how best to care for your sexy lingerie to give you years of satisfaction and enjoyment! 

The general rule for all high-quality lingerie is to hand wash and hang to dry out of direct sunlight. 




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