Femme Fatale Pack

He’s Yours To Command

Full moon. Satin sheets. And a sea of anticipation. 

As you drape your luscious curves in the delicate embrace of the Wicked Weasel Femme Fatale Lingerie, something shifts in the air. 

Like magic, your lingerie whispers promises of sensuality and dark fantasies.

It’s not just lingerie now; it’s your weapon. 

As the straps cradle your body, your confidence soars.

You feel invincible and unstoppable.

Then, he sees you. 

Your special someone or perhaps a mere lucky mortal you’ve chosen. 

His pupils dilate. His breath is but a whimper. 

At this point, he will give you his secrets, desires, his very soul. 

Really, he’s yours to command. ;)

Now go forth, seductress, and let the Wicked Weasel Femme Fatale Lingerie be your cloak and dagger.

The Wicked Weasel Femme Fatale Lingerie is made from stretchy faux leather.These daring pieces are the realization of your deepest and sexiest bedroom fantasies. So don’t think twice and make them come true - shop your Femme Fatale Lingerie today!

The NEW 1020 Bra has an open cup design which makes it so sultry. This is a sexy leather look that’s both playful and seductive! This style comes with gold hardware, multi fastened straps, adjustable feature straps, and  center front clip.

The NEW 6020 Thong features peek-a-boo holes in all the naughty places! This is THE sexy leather look you never knew you needed in your life. It comes with gold hardware, center front clips, and adjustable feature straps. 

The NEW 1920 Suspender Belt is a hot add-on accessory that will make your Femme Fatale look reach the sexiest level! This suspender belt comes with gold hardware, center back clips, and adjustable garters.


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