144 halter bra


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144 halter bra




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Infinite Possibilities

You live.

Like… really live.

You’re the pro of doing it the right way.

Maybe, it’s because you believe in infinite possibilities.

Or maybe it’s because you know that you deserve what’s on the other side of those possibilities.

Either way:

You’ll want to slip into the Infinite Knicker Range before you go taking hold of your day.

Think of all the places you’ll go, the people you’ll meet, the exciting things you’ll do.

The possibilities are surely infinite…


This Infinite Lingerie Collection is made from a delicate and durable mix of polyester, nylon and elastane.  
70% Polyester 20% Elastane 10% Nylon

Please refer to the garment label for specific instructions on how best to care for your sexy *bikini/lingerie/outerwear* to give you years of satisfaction and enjoyment! 

The general rule for all high-quality *swimwear/lingerie/outerwear* is to hand wash and hang to dry out of direct sunlight. 




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