A girl, a tiny bikini and a vintage Kombi van...

We shot our recent Boho collection with a vintage 1964 Splitscreen Kombi loaned to us by Jason Moss – a local Kombi fanatic!

Jason bought the Kombi on the Australian Sunshine Coast, as a rusty wreck for $6000 and did it up himself. “It took over a year and it’s now worth over $50,000,” he explains.

Jason who has always owned VW’s – his first car was a VW Beetle – has turned his passion into a business and now rents his beautifully renovated van out for weddings. And as a special favour loaned it to Wicked Weasel to give us the perfect element for our Boho shoot.

“Originally I never intended to do any work with the van, but so many people asked about it so I started to hire it out for weddings. Weddings are so fun to do because everyone is on a massive high and there’s so much happiness about  – it’s great to be part of people’s special day. And photo shoots are just as good because you’re dealing with professional people and in the case of Wicked Weasel – very beautiful girls. Ha!”

Aussies have a love of Kombi’s and they are now a huge Aussie Beach icon. Jason reckons this is because, “they suit our country and it’s way of life I think. They are just very cool”.  And the combination of a vintage VW van and a gorgeous girl in a tiny bikini in the back is pretty hot!

Check out more pics of Jason’s Kombi on his Instagram page @byronkombilimo or contact him here hirekombi@gmail.com.