Meet model Scarlett

Scarlett Morgan is one of our most popular models – and it’s easy to see why!

This year Scarlett showed off her considerable talents in our Bounty bikini. Wicked Weasel caught up with her, to talk about why she loves doing what she does, as much as we do!

WW: Where are you based?

Scarlett: I live on the Gold Coast, two hours north of Byron Bay in the best country on the planet – Australia.

WW: How long have you been modelling?

Scarlett: I’ve been modelling now for around 15 years and I absolutely love it!

WW: How did you get into it?

Scarlett: I begged my Mum to let me enter the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Teen Pageant. She finally agreed and I won Miss Photogenic in the national final.

WW: What was your first modelling gig?

Scarlett: It’s hard to say as I was shooting every weekend for something or somebody, but I guess Mrs Palmers was the first big brand to pick me up. I’m still on their surf wax and some of their clothing .

WW: What’s been your best and worst shoot?

Scarlett: Worst shoot was with a creep of a guy who kept pushing me to go further than I was comfortable with and just wanted to shoot straight up between my legs!  I was 16 and far from being okay with that, being quite shy at the time. I faked a call from my mother saying I had to get home and ran out of there as quick as I could. I’m much more assertive these days.

Best shoot… there have been a few. I was lucky enough to travel to Costa Rica to shoot for US Penthouse. I had another in the high desert outside Los Angeles, which was also an amazing location. Then there was the shoot under the midnight sun in Finland and another in Positano in Italy, and finally just south of Byron Bay at Broken Head.

WW: Why do you love Wicked Weasel?

Scarlett: I love Wicked Weasel for many reasons – the bikinis are just amazing for one. I do love being able to go to the beach and lay in the sun knowing I will have the teeniest of tan lines. Plus they’re Aussie made and everyone can wear them and feel sexy

WW: What was the shoot for Wicked Weasel like?

Scarlett: I actually felt a little bit nervous but the entire team were so amazingly lovely and fun to work with!

WW: What is your favourite WW bikini?

Scarlett: That’s an unfair question – I love them all! I guess I wear the Shiny Lycra Lime Green set with Surf shorts the most out in public.

WW: How do you stay looking so fabulous?

Scarlett:  I do Pilates and Yoga, eat lots of chilli and fresh un-processed food. I like to make everything from scratch when I can.

WW: What’s your guilty pleasure?

Scarlett: Food! Pasta to be more precise. I could eat it all day every day!!

WW: What’s your favourite way to spend a weekend?

Scarlett: If I’m not working then camping, 4WD exploring, swimming, gardening. Just enjoying myself.