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How To Mess With A Man’s Hormones  

Like the crescent of the moon -- the Crescent Dress is best worn at night.

Like... on a party night.

Where you want to be the hottest girl at the venue.

After all, the Crescent Dress screams sexy. Purposely designed for a sexy female body. It hugs tight -- like every man will want to when he sees you in it.

Bottom line: The Crescent Dress has been designed, cut and fashioned to radiate MAXIMUM NIGHT-TIME SEX APPEAL. And that can get you into trouble!

So... here's a little warning: if you wear the Crescent Dress on the night of a full moon... well... you are going to seriously mess with more than a few men's hormones!

And whatever you get up to -- the face on the moon will be winking at you too!


This Crescent 591 Dress is made of stretch jacquard knit with a raised crescent design.
87% Nylon 13% Elastane

Please refer to the garment label for specific instructions on how best to care for your sexy outerwear to give you years of satisfaction and enjoyment! 

The general rule for all high-quality outerwear is to hand wash and hang to dry.


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