Wicked Stories Contest Winners

Ever indulged in a steamy moment with your S.O. that’s still burning on your mind!? 

Well, buckle up, because today's blog is about to turn up the heat with tales of naughty escapades and sultry surprises straight from the heart of the Wicked Weasel community. 

Picture this: a sizzling hot bikini or a captivating lingerie that not only commands attention but sparks an inferno of desire and passion from your partner, all courtesy of Wicked Weasel! 

We've gathered the juiciest, naughtiest and most wicked stories shared by you, our passionate community, and narrowed them down to the top 10… Enjoy reading!


Sun Tan Lotion Massage in Naughty Bikini Leads To Hot, Steamy S*x

Chris F*******

As a Wicked Weasel purchaser for years, my partner has allowed me to treat her to the sexiest bikinis around. One of the hottest memories was when my partner and I traveled to Mexico with a suit full of bikinis and lingerie. It was the first time wearing sheer and Mega Mesh bikinis on the beach. 

Rubbing my partner with sun tan lotion on the beach while she slowly got wetter and wetter, making the suit and excitement – obvious to all of our beach neighbors.  After showing the beach one passionate massage, we returned to the room and took the sexiest naked photos on our balcony where anyone could watch from across the hotel grounds. This turned into hot steamy s** and it felt like we were alone even though [there were] people watching and hearing. That has become a tradition on trips and the exhilaration my partner has from wearing the suits is something we both look forward to.


6 Months Of Long-Distance Foreplay Creates Erotic Reunion

Jodi M****

The sound of him walking up the driveway makes my heart race. In the six months we’ve been apart he has spoiled me, with a package every couple of weeks. He loved the way the Wicked Weasel looks on me, and I love the way they make me feel so sexy, so desired.

Everything from activewear to sexy lingerie has started to fill my wardrobe. Today I chose what we would both enjoy. It's the tiniest v-string and bralette combo. The unincumbered breeze made my nipp**s hard, possibly further encouraged by my anticipation.

I feel tingles over my body, the door opens and there, my lover stands again. Speechless, his eyes surveyed me, barely covered in the most sensual teal-colored present he could buy.
Within seconds, his arms are wrapped around me, the last 6 months melt away. His hands move over my body, and his lips and tongue dance with mine.
I barely realize he has removed my lingerie and it lays on the floor.

I float on his kisses.


Husband Surprises Wife With Sheer Bikini For Spa Day (Spoiler: It Turns Her Naughty!)


Wicked spa day.

I bought a Bare Vision thong and a top Wicked Weasel bikini as a surprise for my wife. We went to a hotel spa one weekend, and I surprised her with my present. She put them on without knowing how transparent they would become when wet. When we arrived at the spa she was concerned that everybody would be looking at her round but*, not realizing that they would see much more. My first choice was the hot tub since I was eager to see the wet effect on the bikini.

And WOW, she was bare with all her body parts on display.

Out of the hot tub, everyone was looking at her and she had no clue how much she was showing. We spent almost two hours there and all the time her bikini was transparent.

Going back to the room she put her towel around her waist and even the receptionist was able to see her almost bare breasts.

Finally, in the room, I told her what I had hidden from her and she needed a minute to rewind the last two hours in her head and realize what happened.

Finally, she just smiled naughty.


Couple Ignites Relationship With Wicked Weasel Bikinis At Clothing-Optional Resort


My husband wanted to do something exciting for his birthday.  He showed me the website for a resort in Mexico that was just for couples, it was paradise, but there was one detail that worried me.  The resort is clothing optional!  I didn’t know if I could be comfortable being naked in a public area.  Despite my reservations, I said, “Let’s do it!”

Then I started shopping for really revealing bikinis.  I found Wicked Weasel online.  I bought a sailor stripe micro bikini and a pink with white strings bikini that is sheer when wet.  Then we went to the resort.  Walking around the pool, I felt so sexy and confident in my bikinis!  Other ladies asked where I bought them.  Eventually, I went topless for the first time, which was really liberating.  My husband was thrilled!  It was the beginning of a whole new, much sexier relationship for us.  Since then, I’ve bought A Lot of WW bikinis, shorts, lingerie and outerwear.  Always turns heads.  Makes me look and feel amazing!  Thank you!


Woman Captivates Whole Team Of Lifeguards With "Virtually Naked" Bikini

Rebecca H***

I wore a WW bikini to the beach today. It was pretty quiet, there weren’t too many people on the beach. It was hot so I went for a swim. When I came back in from swimming, I had my arms over my head, squeezing the water from my hair. When I looked up, I realized that a whole team of surf lifeguards were doing training drills, right in front of me on the beach. All stared at me as I was virtually naked. I put my shoulders back & walked right up to them & said hi, walking super slowly back to my towel. 


Female Police Officer Says "Yes" To Spicy Cop Car Photoshoot

Jessica J**

Miami has one of the sexiest vibes. What better place to wear the sexiest bikinis? I was walking on South Beach. It was so hot. I couldn’t wait any longer to get into my black Reckless bottoms. 

I dropped my shorts, pulled off my top & dove into my bag for my red Reckless Tri-top. It was a great day playing in the water & posing. There was a police car on the beach, I wanted to take a picture with. I knocked on the window. I was surprised to see a female officer inside. I asked if it was ok to take a picture. She pulled down her sunglasses eyed my Weasel & said, “Of course.” 

We took our pictures & thanked her. I walked back down Ocean Drive, then Collins Ave. In my sheer Weasel pants & my Reckless bikini. I remember feeling the eyes on me everywhere we stopped. I think my Weasels almost caused a few traffic accidents. 

I never thought that I would be so brave to walk down such busy streets in such a sheer suit. But Wicked Weasel gives you the confidence to just own it. 


Man Meets The Love Of His Life On Cruise Thanks To A Provocative Wicked Weasel Dress


I was enjoying the cruise of my life, a well-deserved vacation that the company gave me for my great performance at work. But that night everything changed…

I was looking at the dance floor when I came across a silky sheen of provocative length, it looked like she was going to show off her bits as soon as she started dancing… the hottest dress I had ever seen. I had to meet its bearer!

She looked at me curiously and smiled happily, carefree, youthful… Her name was Judith.

“Delighted Judith, I would love to be The One who buys you those dresses for the rest of your life. Will you grant me this dance?”

The crush was mutual and instant, we never left from that night and for the rest of the cruise, she showed me a small but provocative arsenal of micro clothing (Wicked Weasel).

I fell in love with her but her outfits were the perfect frame for such an angelic painting.

Several years have passed but on each anniversary she still wears that first dress. Blessed dress!



Wife Shocks Husband & Hypnotizes Beach-Goers With Sheer, Thong Bikini

Victoria W*****

As I felt a bead of sweat drip down my back I wondered to myself 'Did I dare'. Taking a deep breath I dropped my towel and started walking towards the water.  I heard a gasp behind me from my husband. 

I shot a quick glance over my shoulder and noticed his smile as he took in the string back of my bikini. I saw more heads turning as I made my way to the ocean.  After cooling down in the water I gathered my courage and made my way out of the water.  The response was immediate, with more people stopping to look and stare.  My eyes were only on my husband as I took in his grin and I felt my confidence grow.  I made my way to stand in front of him and said "Do you like my newest bikini from Wicked Weasel?"  His face and body said it all. 

The micro 457 Bare Vision Bikini in lilac was a hit with both my husband and the public on the beach that day.  

Since then I have never looked back and embraced the effect I have when wearing Wicked Weasel in public and private.


Couple Has "Best S** Ever" In The Back Of Truck After A Game Of Naughty Tennis


My loving husband of over 22 years got me the super cute & sexy WW Soft Lycra 929 Top & Soft Lycra 511 Skirt in the Sunshine color. One day we decided to play tennis & I wore that outfit. The outfit is so comfortable, & the skirt is short & so hot because even when I just walk the skirt bounces up to expose my rather large, tanned, tight ass (my husband’s words, haha!).

I wore a thong underneath like I usually do. We had so much playing that day & my husband had a hard time focusing because he saw my ass while playing & every time I picked up a ball! We also got a kick out of all the men watching us play, haha! I decided to take it up a notch & went to the bathroom but only to remove my thong.  

He was shocked, happy, & so turned on when he noticed I wasn’t wearing anything underneath while playing! He saw everything! After playing for a while we headed home but didn’t make it without first having some of the best s** we ever had in the back of his truck! 

Thank you, WW! 


Bold Woman Performs Sexy Strip Tease In Micro Thong For 3000 Party-Goers

Jen H******

Entered a Wet T-shirt contest in my Pink Nefertiti. The scene is a top-optional pool serving food and drink to 3000 partyers. Contestants compete on a runway from the poolside to a pole dancing stage. Fountains aimed to soak the girls. 

As Jenna from NC, I moved to the beat on the runway, tossing my skirt to the crowd, revealing my micro-thong as they cheered. At the pole, flipped my top to a guy in the pool. Reacting to the crowd, I loosened my thong and felt it slip off as I climbed the pole. Dancing with the pole and fountains, I interacted with people on my way to the finish, thong in hand. 

I was 1 of 5 in the finals, the goal to generate cheers with the maxim, show skin to win. In the end, we 5 were on stage together, waiting for the judge’s decision, naked and dancing to the music. It was wild! Although I didn’t win, had a great time! Stripping for strangers is exhilarating and the attention… addicting. 

My Wicked Weasel experience, sexy dresses, and swimwear – truly head-turning.


And because we had a hard time choosing from hundreds of entries, below are 7 bonus stories that are just WICKED!



Wife Wears First Naughty Bikini For Her Husband While Paddleboarding in Public


I finally got the courage to purchase my wife her first Wicked Weasel last August. Our first opportunity for her to wear it was a camping trip to Moreton Island in October. We went for a day trip to a busy part of the island. 

I really didn't think she would wear it with so many people around but she took off her dress and she was. I don't think I have ever seen her look so sexy and noticed many eyes gazing over her. She absolutely rocked it and went stand-up paddle boarding. 

I continued to notice a lot of eyes on her appreciating how much of a sexy woman she really is. WW has brought us together especially after having kids and embracing her beautiful body. As soon as we got home I ordered another 3 bikinis.. just need a few one-pieces now 😘



Woman Befriends Biker & Angers "Karens" At Water Park With Wicked Weasel Bikini


A few years ago hubby and I were in Orlando Florida.  We were heading to a water park that has gotten a reputation for not restricting swimwear. So I decided to really push the limits and I put on my MM Illusion Lycra Lavender Suit.  But before the park, we had to eat. 

I put on a pair of WW Lighthouse Shorts and the Coral WW crop top I had gotten with Wicked Weasel written on it. Well, things got interesting before even leaving the hotel.  An older biker-looking guy saw me in the breakfast line and said "What's a Wicked Weasel?"

I paused for a second, smiled at him, and said...Google it, and you'll like what you find.  That made my day and when we got to the park I totally let loose with the clear strap lycra and that tiny thong and got compliments all day, even from a lifeguard!  

I went down the slides so fast with my whole cheeks out like that.  It really was a perfect day and hubby loved all the looks I was getting from other guys as well as a few dirty ones from "Karens" :)



Woman Swims Around Resort In Sheer Bikini So The "Whole Place" Can Enjoy The View


I went to a resort that has a huge pool that loops around all of the rooms like a moat. 

I put on a cute pink & white bikini that goes sheer when wet, and then had a swim around the whole place so that everyone could see!



Man Finds Himself In S**ual Relationship With Hot Blond Wearing Wicked Weasel T-Shirt


After being exposed to WW online in 2003 while living in Canada for two years, when I returned home to the Gold Coast, I was desperate to find out more.  

While working in a bar, one shift happened to be during a Swimwear competition. One tall blonde wavy haired beauty caught my eye but my excitement grew when I noticed she was wearing a Wicked Weasel t-shirt. This was my way to find out more. 

After the comp (I think she finished 3rd) I introduced myself to 'T' and was mesmerized by this young gorgeous blonde with nip***$ clearly prominent through the Wicked Weasel shirt. 

This started a passionate and very s*xualizing relationship all because of WW.

Years later, we caught up and started surfing together again. The sparks were there but life got in the way for both of us.

We are still in contact and although we live a significant distance apart, we're still desperately keen to do the shoot we always planned to finish our story and the company that brought us together.




Woman In A Microbikini Makes Man's Day At Gas Station


Wearing a Wicked Weasel micro bikini to pump gas is definitely my most memorable WW story! 

Though I've had lots of exciting encounters, like a group of men clapping for me from a rooftop as I posed on a beach, and realizing security cameras were watching during an urban photo shoot, the gas station was thrilling because no one expected to see a thong in such a normal place! 

A man pulled up beside me in his car to compliment me, and even though I got shy, it was such a rush. 

Later, when we looked at pics, we saw lots of other people around staring. I love thinking about how I brightened people's day by taking them out of the ordinary and giving them something to fantasize about.



Woman Wears Tight Dress & Nip**e Rings To Club With Partner...Then Steals The Spotlight

Jin S

Callback dress in blue, a sensual gift from my husband for our anniversary. As a gift to him, I adorned nipp** rings which were more than an accessory; it was a commitment to showcasing my boldness. 

We reached the nightclub and buzzed with excitement. Danced once and he suggested I dance on my own and enjoy myself, as he knew I love dancing. 

I danced intimately with strangers in a daring embrace. My husband's approving gaze made me confident to share these intimate dances. 

The dress left little to the imagination, a sultry secret shared with the partners I danced with, as their sensual touches mingled in the dimly lit nightclub. 

Amid the rhythm of the music, the subtle whispers of admiration, and the compliments for my hard nip***$. Initially shy, I soon embraced the thrilling sensation, relishing the fact that their gaze could see the sensual details when the light fell on me. It added an extra layer of excitement and allure to the night, making it a memorable and empowering experience. 



Buff Salesman Accidently Finds Out Woman's Naughty Little Secret


My top drawer overflowed with Wicked Weasel lingerie and bikinis. My eyes searched for the white Bamboo g-string and bra. 

The glass doors of the Mower Shop opened and I walked up to the counter. A solidly built salesman approached me, "May I help you?"

Yes, I ordered mower blades a few days ago."  While he was out the back looking for them I checked out the display mower beside me. 

As I bent over to check out the mower deck I was unaware of my thong riding high. Within seconds I heard a husky voice command my attention. 

"I hope you don't mind me asking, but are you a Wicked Weasel customer?"

I wanted my love of this brand to remain my own little pleasure. But somehow I couldn't lie to him. 

"Yes, I own a couple of items," I almost whispered, hoping no one else would hear. I walked back to my car feeling a mixture of embarrassment and excitement. 


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