Studded Shores Pack

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Dazzling Debut

The minute you strut down the beach, the whispers start. 

"Who's that sexy thing?" 

They ask, their eyes glued to your radiant form. 

You can't help but smile, the corners of your lips curling up in a wicked grin. 

You're the star of the show.

The queen of the coast. 

The beach is your stage, the sand your red carpet.

And you, in your sexy Wicked Weasel Studded Shores Bikini, are the main event.

Step onto the sand and own it with the Wicked Weasel Studded Shores Bikini, crafted from premium shiny nylon lycra. This bikini is designed to make you the undeniable star of any beach scene!

The 312 Tri Top epitomizes the classic bikini style with adjustable neck and underbust straps, allowing you to customize your coverage to be as bold or modest as you wish.

For those who dare to bare, the 449 Thong Bottom is a standout with its minimal tri-back design and thin side straps, accentuated with high-quality silver hardware and our special edition 30th anniversary WW silver flag.

Don’t forget to slip into the NEW 5230 Shorts, destined to become your favorite beachside companion. These cheeky shorts feature an elastic waistband and working silver studs that add a spark of adventure to your look.

Note on Size and Fabric:

  • Fits true to size. 
  • The peach color may appear sheer when wet on some skin tones.
  • Find the perfect fit for your body shape here!


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