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Legend Has It…

There is an ancient Sanskrit legend that speaks of a destined love, a karmic connection between souls that are fated to meet and entwine and melt into each other.

The legend says that the woman (“the ONE”) is instantly recognizable to the man because she possesses his heart and soul in her every gesture... every movement... every murmur... and every mood that prays in her eyes.

The legend says that the man will know her by her wings -- the angel wings that only he can see -- and because wanting her, needing her, burns through him day and night.  

How old the legend is nobody knows. Maybe it started before time itself.

What we do know is that when a woman of beauty wears the Lotus Dress she is able to echo-out the call of fated love like no other woman in history ever could.

She is bringing the legend fully into the 21st century. 

To ancient legends and modern style – the Lotus Dress.

Buy it. Wear it. Love it. 

And be loved for it.

(PS. angel wings not included with the Lotus Dress).


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