345 bandeau bikini top

345 bandeau bikini top




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How our Matt Lycra bikini range would have really shook up The Garden of Eden...

When Eve ate an apple from the tree in The Garden of Eden she lost her innocence and took to wearing a fig leaf to cover her modesty.

Adam took to wearing a fig leaf, too.

And soon, The Garden of Eden was no more.

But what if the Wicked Weasel Matt Lycra range were available to Eve at the time?

I think I know what would have happened...

Eve would’ve forgotten about that forbidden apple.

She would have ditched the fig leaf and covered her modesty with the bikini bottoms from the Matt Lycra range.

And she would have looked... hot!

Adam would have noticed (how could he not!?) and there would have been much pleasure in The Garden of Eden. And let’s face it... the whole world from that day forward would have been a much better place for it.

If only God had designed the Matt Lycra bikini range. He didn’t. So Wicked Weasel has. And the world (according to our very pleased and pleasured customers) is a much better place because of it. 


This Matt Lycra Bikini Collection is made of a high quality nylon lycra. 
80% Nylon, 20% Elastane.

Please refer to the garment label for specific instructions on how best to care for your sexy bikini to give you years of satisfaction and enjoyment! 

The general rule for all high-quality swimwear is to hand wash and hang to dry out of direct sunlight.




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