312 tri top bikini

312 tri top bikini




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How to give ANY hot-blooded man a photographic memory...

Does a photographic memory really exist?

Nikola Tesla (an old-time dude who came up with the remote control amongst many other inventions) claimed he had a photographic memory.

But then so does “Mr. T” (yep, the Mohawk guy from the A-Team series).

But you know what?

There is a way to give any hot-blooded man a photographic memory.

All you have to do is adorn your body in a bikini from the Sheer Vision range.

When a hot-blooded man sees you in a Sheer Vision bikini... the more than 1 million nerve fibres that connect each of his eyes to his brain are going to light up like the Vegas Strip. Result? Your striking-image will “photograph” itself in his brain.

That image (“memory photograph”) of you in a Sheer Vision bikini (like when you appear from the surf and stride up the beach) will stay in his mind until his dying day.

And who knows...

When his last breath escapes out of him... maybe it will be the “memory photograph” of you in your sexy Sheer Vision bikini that is the very last thing he sees!

The point: It’s not just for you. 

Think about all the the men who want to go to Heaven (or Hell?) happy – won’t you treat yourself to a Sheer Vision bikini?

You’d be doing a public service ;)


This Sheer Vision Bikini Collection is made of a lightweight stretch fabric with a satin feel. See-through when wet!
87% Nylon 13% Elastane.

Please refer to the garment label for specific instructions on how best to care for your sexy bikini to give you years of satisfaction and enjoyment! 

The general rule for all high-quality swimwear is to hand wash and hang to dry out of direct sunlight.




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