Catching Up With Wicked Designers

We caught up with Chloe, our head designer here at Wicked Weasel for a few questions and in Chloe’s fashion always a few laughs. 

We all love working for Wicked Weasel, what is your favourite part about your job? 

My Favorite part would be when suppliers send me new shipments of laces or new and exciting fabrics. The ideas flow and the energy is buzzing in design! But I also love working with the team we have here, we have so many wonderful people in the factory throughout. I have a great design team too, I couldn’t do it without them! :)

What is your all-time favourite Weasel item, and why? 

I love the Pixel one piece. It’s so stretchy and soft, It was my first design I did too. I also love the 253 scrunch bum; I can wear it anywhere! Oh and the Velvet range (I LOVE VELVET) Oh But I love the temptress dress … I can’t pick one!

Can you give us any teasers on what you’re working on at the moment? ;)

Lots of new and exciting things to come. There is so many, I don’t know where to start!!
There are some beautiful fabrics coming and another old favorite is going to make a comeback. OoOo what will it be? :P

When designing, where do you find you inspiration? 

Sometimes when I see a fabric it starts the journey. Like the temptress fabric, I loved it straight away! Then the designs flow from there. I also research up and coming trends, look at shapes and colors that are coming in sketch up new designs that are WW certified. I’m also always checking out what the MM forums are talking about!

What was your first Wicked Weasel item? 

When I first started working here; it was in the production line, Sewing. I went to the toilet and as I pulled my knickers up (not WW) up they caught on something and broke (or ripped I can’t remember.) So I had to go back out on the floor and tell the manager I need to go home to get a new pair, she laughed and said, just grab a pair out of the seconds pile. Now at this stage in my life I never owned anything like WW. I went to the pile with a very strange face as I pulled out all these tiny g strings ha-ha. I picked up a 662 romance. And sewed the rest of the night in my first ever pair. But now I love them!!

What is your motto? 

Astra inclinant, sed non obligant – (Latin) The stars incline us, they do not bind us.
I love this one as no matter what fate is set upon us, we still have the freedom and choice of what to do about it, if something terrible happens to you, you have the choice to turn it around.
Oh and one more, one my mother taught me, always be kind but fair.