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The Bikini Blog

If you have an obsession with bikinis and swimwear and want to be updated on the latest releases, you need to bookmark this tab to keep up with all the Wicked Weasel updates. From try-on hauls and behind-the-scenes looks to interviews with the models you love, everything gets posted on this bikini blog! Find out what’s going on with the WW collections, including news, the latest releases, competitions, giveaways, model updates, and so much more.

Try-On Haul Videos

Do you want to hear what WW models and bikini lovers have to say about their favorite styles? Watch them try on sexy bikinis, lingerie, dresses, and more. Hear everything straight from these lovely ladies. What styles they love, the fit and feel of each, how they style their looks, and so much more!

Model Interviews

Curious about the lives of Wicked Weasel models off-camera? Visit the bikini blog for exclusive interviews and advice on how they wear their daring swimwear, lingerie, and more. You can also get to know the models better! Learn more about their likes and dislikes, hobbies, and everyday lives.

Advice Blogs

Are you looking for tips on finding the perfect size, staying on top of upcoming swimsuit trends, and coming up with ideas for styling your bikini? Find it all here! We got fashion experts ready with roundups, guides, and advice to help you achieve the perfect beach babe look. Visit the bikini blog often to find the newest posts on all things sexy.

Contests & Giveaways

Whenever there’s a new contest, exclusive promo, or a fun giveaway, you’ll find the announcement and details on this swimsuit blog. Join the fun and learn how you can get exclusive offers for panties, bikinis, and even activewear!