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656 micro thong




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Late-Night Rendezvous

The phone buzzes on your desk. 

"You're mine later," the text from your husband reads. 

With the whirlwind of daily life recently, you both made that sizzling pact: 

When the world gets too much, you'll carve out moments just for the two of you.

Late-night rendezvous, wine in hand, letting go of the week's worries.

Amidst your day's chaos, an unexpected delivery for you arrives. 

Ripping open the package, your eyes widen. 

A playful wink from your husband, no doubt. 

You lean back, daydreaming about the evening to come. 

Yes, midnight can't come soon enough. ;)

The Night Jasmine 656 Micro Thong is so delicate and pretty - you’ll instantly feel like a goddess when you wear it. This style features our iconic Tri Back Thong, adorned with thin straps and silver rings.


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