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Make ‘Em Sweat

Before you order the Wicked Weasel 576 Booty Shorts and 929 Top -- a suggestion if we may:

Go to your local spin class instructor.

Find one that is struggling to fill their class (hint: it will probably be a man doing the class!).

Tell them that in 3 weeks their class will be full and people will be joining a waiting list to get in.

Tell them that when that happens, you would like a percentage of the class takings.

Strike a deal with the instructor.

Then go to the next spin class wearing the Wicked Weasel 576 Booty Shorts and 929 Top.

Then go to the next class after that wearing the same outfit, but this time in different colors - naturally!

There will be more people in that next class - for sure. ;)

Can you guess what you do next?

Obvious, right? You go to the next class and wink at the spin class instructor when the class is full to bursting.

‘Cause that's the kind of effect the Wicked Weasel 576 Booty Shorts and 929 top will have when worn by you.

And just think of all the class takings you’ll be entitled to!

The Soft Lycra Pack includes the Soft Lycra 576 Booty Shorts and 929 Top. Both are made from soft Australian Lycra. Wear these stylish and comfy outers at the beach, or even when you’re just out and about!

The 576 Booty Shorts is one of Wicked Weasel’s most popular styles. This style has a cheeky cut and adjustable scrunch sides that you can pull up to show a little more.

The 929 Top is a sexy, sporty racerback. This style features the iconic Wicked Weasel print on the front.


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