Model Behaviour

Sam is April’s Wicked Weasel model. We chatted to her about what she loves about her work, life and lingerie!


WW: How much modelling have you done before?

Sam: Lots over the years, I’ve done a fair few glamour-style shoots for agencies and my own portfolio.

WW:What do you do when you are not on shoots?

Sam: I’m actually a lingerie/bikini party host for bucks nights and boys functions.

WW: Whats that like as a job?

Sam: So much fun! Its such a great atmosphere to work in. Everyone’s always happy to see you and it’s never boring. Some parties can get crazy. Lots of people throw the most elaborate weekends for their send-offs.. I’ve had some amazing experiences throughout the years. I guess that’s why I’m still doing it six years later.

WW: What was the shoot like for Wicked Weasel?

Sam: It was by far the best fun on a shoot I’ve had. It was a beautiful location and we made the most of it. I was, at different points during the day, in a tree on top of huge rocks and of course in the water on the beach. I had a whole team looking after me, making sure everything went smoothly the whole day. Donatella the photographer, was one of the most creative people I’ve ever met. She made me instantly feel comfortable we had such a good day. All the new range I got to wear was stunning:)The only downfall was the sun in my eyes squinting isn’t the best look!

WW: Doyou wear Wicked Weasel gear? If so whats your favourite?

Sam: Always! It’s a staple in my wardrobe. Especially in my industry – it’s a stand out brand that all the girls love to wear. Really Wicked Weasel is my go-to for my ‘work uniform’.

And my favourite – has to be the tri top matt bikini with v-front bottoms in red. They are hot! And very popular with the boys:)

I’ve found that Wicked Weasel seems to be surprisingly, just as well known a brand by guys as it is with the ladies.

WW: What kind of things do you like doing in your spare time?

Sam: I’m a bit of a homebody these days. I like to stay in and watch movies and read books. I’m a big a foodie and I love reading reviews and trying out all the new restaurants and cafes. At the weekend – well if the sun’s out, I can’t go past a Sunday session! I love fruity cocktails on a Sunday in the sun.

WW: Obviously you're not shy - Have you always had a positive body image?

Sam: I’ve always been happy with myself. I think the confidence has come later on with age tho’. My job obviously helps because you’re kind of forced into the deep end at first and if you don’t really own it and flaunt it, you’re not cut out for the job. I think confidence is the sexiest thing someone can have no matter how you look or what shape or size you are. Confident people are noticeable. They stand out. They have a certain air about them that makes you want to get to know them. I think everyone should love the skin they’re in and even if you don’t just yet, fake it till you make it. Negativity and holding onto insecurities gets you nowhere.

WW: How do you keep in such fantastic shape?

Sam: I always endeavour to go to the gym but truthfully, I lose interest super fast. I do love to do yoga and Pilates tho’ and I try to go three times a week at least.

WW: So what is your guilty pleasure?

Junk food! Hands down, no matter how hard I try I’m addicted. I love cakes, lollies, pastries, pasta  (and pretty much all carbs) and all sugars.