7924 sporty dress

7924 sporty dress




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A Sexy Win!

It's a curious day at the golf club…

Male golfers, usually so focused and on their game, seem to have lost their rhythm.

Their shots wandering far from the holes.

With even the most seasoned players distracted today.

The reason? None other than YOU, making your way across the course in your Wicked Weasel Country Club.

Dressed to impress and to play, your outfit catches every eye. 

It’s not just the precision of your swing that has them captivated, but how effortlessly chic and sexy you look doing it. 

Who could blame them for their scattered focus? 

Today, they might not score their best on the greens, but no one seems to mind. 

The consensus is clear:

Having you grace the course with your Wicked Weasel Country Club ensemble is a win in itself! ;)

Elevate your game and style with the Wicked Weasel Country Club Top, Skirt, and Dress. Crafted from luxuriously soft active eco fabric, these pieces promise both comfort and a standout look on the golf course and beyond.

The NEW 7924 Dress is designed to hug your figure while allowing for fluid movement, ensuring you're always at the top of your game. Featuring a sophisticated collar and an adjustable zipper for those moments when you want to dial up the hotness.

The NEW 7024 Top offers a sleek, cropped fit that’s both flattering and functional. Equipped with a stylish collar and a zipper down the center front for a sexier neckline, it's the ultimate blend of sporty and chic.

The NEW 7624 Skirt, charmingly short and equipped with built-in shorts, offers both style and coverage as you move. Paired perfectly with the Country Club 7024 Top, it completes a look that's bound to turn heads and boost confidence.


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